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  • Katie Evenden

DIY vs. Professional Graphic Design

Professional graphic designers can truly make your business look its best! But with all the DIY graphic design tools available today, is it better for your company to use those or hire a professional?


There are may things to consider when deciding whether you want to hire outside help for something or do it yourself. Graphic design is no different. There are many DIY graphic design tools available today, but if you don't have the skill set, knowledge or time to create professional pieces, it won't reflect well on your brand.

That being said, if you have the time to build your own marketing pieces (and make them visually appealing), that is great! Remember, branding is important and as long as you make sure you are staying consistent and within your brand guidelines, DIY graphic design tools can be a very powerful asset to your company. So if you decide a DIY tool is what suites you and your business best, it is imperative that you stick to your brand guidelines. If you waiver from those guidelines, you could potentially confuse your audience and undo any previous branding efforts you put into place.

On the other hand, sometimes it truly is better to stick with what you know best. And if creative design isn't typically in your wheelhouse, that's okay! Graphic designers know what designs work for different purposes, what to visually add emphasis on in order to convey a message, understand how colors effect each piece and have extreme attention to detail to ensure your materials look the best they can. All these things allow graphic designers to create something potential and current clients/customers want to look at and learn more about.

Additionally, beyond the design portion, graphic designers have a thorough understanding of what type of files to use for different pieces, how to get pieces ready for print/digital publishing and can brainstorm what type of pieces (physical and digital) would benefit your business.

Another thing to consider is time. Designing materials will take up time from your already busy schedule. Good, high quality design is time-consuming, even for graphic designers. Just learning how to use DIY software takes time. Graphic designers are well versed in professional design tools because they use them every day - which means a quicker turnaround time for your pieces (and no time wasted for you).

Yes, DIY graphic design tools are available to help you brand your business yourself. But professional graphic designers can truly make your business look its best! If you want to chat about your graphic design needs, please reach out to me at today! My goal is to provide high quality graphic design services at an affordable cost - and I'd love to work with you!


NOTE: Even Design Co is not currently accepting new clients.

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